Child pornography is the documented sexual abuse of children. The documentation depicts everything from aggravated sexual assault on very young children to posed photography with more or less clothed teenagers. Since the advent of the Internet, access to materials depicting such exploitation has increased significantly as has the scope of the problem.

On the Internet, there are commercial child pornographic web pages to closed groups who exchange material. The foundation of this enterprise is that children are subjected to sexual assault and serious violations.

The commercial sexual exploitation , i.e. trafficing children for sexual purposes, child pornography and child sex tourism, is a global phenomenon in which i.e organised crime makes money by acting as middleman.

The documentation of sexual abuse images of children constitutes a criminality that needs to be combated by many people and on many levels. Those in the finance industry can counter child pornography by preventing and impeding payments in the financial systems.

The Swedish Child Pornography Act (Criminal Code Chapter 16, Art. 10) criminalises production, conveyance or making such materials available, brokering contacts between buyers and sellers etc. On 1 July 2010, systematic “watching” was criminalised.

The Swedish law text

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Swedish Police | Interpol | Europol | ECPAT Sweden | ECPAT International | Circamp | Unicef | National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


International efforts

Several organisations around the world are actively working to combat and impede the trade in child pornography. Stay up to date with what is going on in the world.

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The work in stopping the trade in child pornography is an intensive effort that takes place around the clock, all year long.

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